Animal Plan

The Animal Plan is a scheme created by The Animal House to provide all your pets' preventative treatments (i.e. the things not covered by insurance) throughout the year where you pay monthly by direct debit.


The Animal House Plan

The advantages:-

What do I get?

We have made this available for all size dogs, cats, rabbits, horses and even the special case of the diabetic plan for the diabetic dog.

Why do The Animal House offer this?

We are very selfish on behalf of all pets but we are also very observant. We know that generally people have great intentions of having everything they need for their pet and on time. We also know that real life intervenes and it happens that a large number of people forget their pets' due dates and either give treatments late, or when there is a problem or forget altogether. We know that paying monthly by direct debit and us reminding you to come in for things that you do not have to pay for on the day makes it easier to get the treatments on time to keep pets healthy. By spreading out the cost over a year there is also never a large bill that you would have if you came paid for all of these treatments in one go. It helps you with budgeting and it helps us to know that your pet is having everything we can give to keep some very nasty parasites and diseases away. We also like to know you will be visiting us at least twice per year and your pet can have fun with us as they are coming to keep well, not because they are poorly.

Please call us on 01788 575300 or 01926 494923 for more information or download the brochure below:

Download the printable brochure here.

Or you can call in to either surgery to fill in the easy application form.