Animal House Veterinary Surgery

Happy Birthday Vet Animal House!

Help Us Celebrate Our 10 Year Anniversary

We are a local family­run vet The Animal House celebrates 10 years of helping animals in Warwickshire.

Did you know that you have one of the top ten vets in the country on your doorstep? Hugh Duffin of The Animal House was named one of the best vets in the country by The Independent newspaper. Hugh and his wife Theresa, rejected employment from vet practices in Canada, Northern Ireland, Surrey, London and France in favour of starting a practice of their own in their beloved Warwickshire where they have lived and worked since the 1980's.

Hugh said.'Whilst it was tempting to move we just couldn't do it. This is our home, our community and we had a passion to set up our own practice to bring a little bit of Animal House magic that was missing before we appeared. It was an easy decision to ensure that we are open 7 days per week every week and to ensure we have on site parking­after all we are a service industry and animals do not get sick only during office hours and you do not need to worry about where to put your car. The veterinary part is easy, just hard work, dedication, keeping up to date with the latest developments in care, a lot of love and you are there."

The Animal House was opened on the 20th February in 2006 with just one vet. They now employ a team of six UK qualified vets and care for over 38,000 pets.

Hugh said: “We are so proud that our family atmosphere offering compete tried and tested care with 21st century science has been recognised in the community."

“When we first took on the building in Rugby we never thought we would fill it. Now our five consultation rooms are always in use. We had to expand to Warwick within the year!”

They have also developed their own brand of nutraceuticals (products derived from food sources for health benefits) which do can be bought over the counter and recently pioneered the Laser­K technology in 2015, which encourages natural healing in animals through laser therapy. Clients travel from all over the country to receive this quick and painless treatment for all manner of ailments.

The Animal House has also continuously helped local animal charities of the area throughout the 10 years.

Hugh said, We are happy to support local animal charities and are very proud of the work we all do together. From Pawprints to Cats Protection and the local quarantine kennels we all help to tackle the problems of pets in crisis. We have rescue pets ourselves and encourage anyone who wants a pet to contact our brilliant local rescues.

In the coming months, Hugh and Theresa plan to keep moving the practice forward, starting with introducing an online booking system and continuing with the development of their own pet health plan called the Animal Plan.

Hugh said, 'It is our style to listen to our clients and make coming to see us as convenient as we th February in 2006 with just one vet. They now employ a can. On­line bookings are coming­all we need are clients' email details and it couldn't be simpler."

The Animal Plan is already popular we we are expanding it to help people budget and get some tasty offers.

It's great having our own Animal House­we make the decisions without corporate constraints which means we know we offer affordability without any compromise on our quality.

They would like to thank their loyal clients of 10 years and look forward to continuing their service well into the future.