What Our Customers Say About Us....

Here are a selection of some of our favorite testimonials we've had over the years:

"When all other vets had given up Hugh Duffin persevered and allowed me to share an extra 5 very happy years with my dog Trumpton."

, LEAMINGTON SPA (client of 14 years)
Trumpton-Estrella Mountain dog with severe epilepsy (gorgeous big cuddly teddy bear of a happy dog)

"Over the years Hugh has attended to four of my cats and my pond fish. I am pleased to consult this caring person who can communicate with animals and has great people skills.

When one of my fish fell desperately ill and there was nothing that could be done to save it, Hugh touched me by caring for this coy carp with professionalism and sympathy. I would not hesitate to recommend Hugh Duffin to anyone as he has never let any of my pets down and always amazes me with his knowledge and concern."

RUGBY (client of 16 years)
Cats, Bob, Skippy and Angel, also many un-named pond fish – all healthy.

"Our beautiful Tibetan Terrier was very poorly after a routine operation elsewhere. We were recommended to find a vet called Hugh Duffin as she was seriously ill. After speaking to the lovely Theresa we were advised that she needed to be seen straight away for immediate treatment. Over the coming days we had regular updates on her slow but improving health and there is no question that the expert treatment given by Hugh and Theresa Duffin saved a very special member of our family. I would have no hesitation in recommending Hugh Duffin for his total dedication and professionalism."

Tess the Tibetan Terrier who had compromised kidney function, now fully recovered, young, fit and cute as a button.

"Hugh has provided veterinary support to our dogs since 1989. The eldest surviving dog is now 16 years of age and Hugh has treated her since she was a pup. This stands as testament to his understanding of the whole life requirements relating to animal health. He has also offered excellent professional behavioural advice on a couple of issues we have had over the years. We have further witnessed first hand his popularity among his clients and it is reassuring to know that it is not we alone who have the utmost faith in his abilities."

Red, a young, lively border collie and Gemma now an old lady cross breed from The Dogs Trust.